My Bed, My Bitch

by Butt 2 Butt

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released February 5, 2013

Zach Dunlap - vocals, guitars, drums
Sarah Reynolds - vocals, guitars, drums

Recorded, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Blake Cormier in San Francisco, CA

Blake Cormier - bass guitar



all rights reserved


Butt 2 Butt Portland, Oregon

Last show!
With: Hearts & Tigers // Wormbag
@ Langano Lounge
Saturday Dec 14, 2013

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Track Name: Alonely Rd.
I walk Alonely rd.
Every turn I take, there's Alonely rd.
Every move I make, nothin' but Alonely rd.
Nobody knows my name, on Alonely rd.
And every night ends the same, on Alonely rd.

Maybe, I like it that way?
Track Name: New Years'
It's drivin' you away
and its not making me feel great the next day
something has to change
From consciousness to nothingness
that's the way it goes
when it freely flows

Blockin' out the pieces of the night
it's not right, don't feel right
Puttin' back the pieces of the night
about time, yes it's time

This has happened far too many times
too many to count, wouldn't want to anyhow
It's hurtin' me, it's hurtin' my body and you
something has to change
Track Name: Way Out
"I can't seem to find a way out?"
"Kid, your parents fucked, just make the best of it...."
"Sir, I've tried to give, but get so little."
"Your parents fucked, just make the best of it...."
Track Name: Headin' West
Headin' west, west is the best
Now I'm here, but for how long?
Who knows? Not me...

My heart wanders from place to place
from sea to sea
Can I have this wanderlust, for eternity?
Track Name: Away
All that I can give is my heart
All that I have left is my heart
I only wanna give it away

Baby don't hold on to your heart
Can't you give somebody your heart?
Don't you wanna give it away?

It's sounding like you had a rough start
A couple boys mishandled your heart
That doesn't mean you lock it away

Doubt me one more time and I'm gone
My patience for your self-doubt is gone
I told you that I wanted to stay
Don't you go and push me away
Track Name: The Bike Trip
Pedaling up the side of the mountain
almost in complete darkness
The moon and stars will guide us
point us in the right direction

Nobody here, will ever know
Everyone here, already knows
Nobody here, can ever know
Everyone here, has already known

Passing by impromptu graves
Fake flowers are so fragrant here
Cars pass by us, leave us in silence
The night sky will envelop us whole
Track Name: See it For Real
I gotta see it for real
I gotta know how it feels
I gotta hold it in my hand
So baby let's make a plan
Bus, plane, or train outta here
All you'll need is a dress (I still owe you that dress)
We'll make it up as we go
What's keeping us here but fear?

I gotta see it for real!