Butt 2 Butt - Side Two

by Butt 2 Butt

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released January 25, 2014

Recorded in November and December of 2013 at Audiocinema in Portland, Oregon by John Kelley



all rights reserved


Butt 2 Butt Portland, Oregon

Last show!
With: Hearts & Tigers // Wormbag
@ Langano Lounge
Saturday Dec 14, 2013

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Track Name: Today
We come together to be alone
To stare at screens big and small

This is what we do today, maybe someday we'll look back and laugh

Silence prevails and a conversation dies
And I'm staring into your bloodshot eyes
Track Name: Play A Song
I don't remember saying that i liked your music?
But, I do remember a certain band stealing the show
We've got no look and we've got no time for networking
But when our turn comes you can bet they'll hit the floor

Can you play a song, so I can sing along?
Can you play a song that I can dance to?

I understand if you find bands who write songs threatening
And it must be hard to see them also having a time
But, plugging your ears up front is just silly passive aggression
Yeah, I'm old enough to know exactly what that is
Track Name: Everything And All
Last night I was the only one out and I had it all
Last night I walked the streets alone and I had a ball
Every thought was dangerous and every move I made was sharp
You can ask the streetlights, you can ask the beggars, you can ask the cars

They'll say, he sang everywhere, he'd sleep anywhere, he loved everything and all

I can play you a guitar, I can work a job, or I can leave you alone
It's always been that way, I never ask much, I never lock the doors
I'm not after your money, I don't want your girl, and you can keep your clothes
I've got no hopes, no resources, I've got no goals, who could ask for more?
Track Name: Just Anybody
Listen I don't wanna go......with just anybody

Only you

Now we can go away
Finally leave this place
Never will it be the same

Now we can go away
Transportation has been arranged
All we can do is sit and wait
Track Name: What You Want
I can't give you what you want
But I'll try and give you what I think you want anyhow

There you are blowing bubbles,not a care in the world
You act you've never seen this before, well you probably haven't

I am here for you
And you've got to understand, my aim is true
Track Name: What Are We Gonna Do?
What song should we play first?
What song should we close with?
Will there be time for the new ones?
Oh no, what are we gonna do?

What are we gonna do!

Will the bands show up on time?
Will they need to borrow equipment?
Will we get free drink tickets?
Oh no, what are we gonna do?